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Notice about Online Registration for International Students of 2021 Spring Semester in UIBE


Dear students,

Under the impact of the COVID-19 that is raging around the world, all Chinese universities have adjusted the teaching modes and schedules which shall continue in 2021 Spring Semester. Therefore, to ensure the smooth enrollments of international students in UIBE, here is the notice about online registration in 2021 Spring Semester. Please read carefully before everything got prepared.

1. Current returning university arrangements and teaching modes

1) Temporary arrangements

In view of the temporary exit-entry measures adopted by restriction on the entry of foreigners during the epidemic, students only from certain countries are allowed to enter China currently. Other overseas students cannot enter China until the official papers been released by Ministry of Education and local government, therefore, visa application materials (JW201/202 form and Admission Notice) (apart from Republic of Korea) are not available to mail temporarily. For students who are already in mainland of China, they can apply for returning university after receiving the official notice from UIBE.

2) Teaching mode

To ensure the courses and study schedules in 2021 Spring Semester are carried out normally, students who are off-campus (overseas) will take the online courses, and students who are on-campus will take the courses through both online and offline methods.

3) WeChat ID collection

In order to make sure all the curriculum resources are fully available to new students, please sign up for a WeChat account and reset your own WeChat ID, and finish the online survey via the link (https://www.wjx.cn/jq/87061689.aspx) before January 22nd, 2021 and follow the official WeChat account with the WeChat ID ‘UIBE-SIE’, in order to receive the latest notice timely. Current students please pay attention to the notice from your class group.

2. Online registration schedules and courses schedules

1) Schedules of online registration

For all freshmen and current students in degree programs and all non-degree students  

February 24th (Wednesday) --February 26th (Friday), 2021, 3 days in total.

Important Notice

Please finish the online registration via the link (username: your email address used for application; password: your own application serial number) with the arrangements above-mentioned. (If you are a current student, the username and password remain the same with the last fall semester and please contact your coordinator for inquiries).

Before the semester officially start, please complete the online registration process. Only after the registration is completed, you can officially start your courses. For the specific online registration process guide, please see Attachment 1: Guidelines of Online Registration for International Students in 2021 Spring Semester.

2) Course schedules for 2021 Spring semester

(1) Degree students (For all freshmen and current students of both Chinese and English-taught bachelor, master and doctoral programs)

courses start on March 1st, end on July 2nd, 2021.

(2) Non-degree students

For students of preparation course and intensive preparation course: courses start on February 22nd, courses for self-paid students end on May 28th, for CSC students, ending-date depends on the notice from CSC.

For the rest students: courses start on March 1st, end on June 25th.

3. Tuition fee

For students in self-paid program, please pay all the tuition fee before January 22nd and send email with the bank slip (remark your full name and student ID) to finance106_uibe@163.com. (If you are a new student in 2021 Spring Semester, please complete the rest tuition fee if you have already paid the advance payment, then upload the bank slip into the system with the bank information shown in Attachment 2.)

Students who won the full scholarship in CSC or 2021 BMG scholarship in master and doctoral program, there is no need to pay the tuition fee.


New students in 2021 Spring Semester must submit your own WeChat ID before January 22nd.

All international students must complete the online registration within the registration time schedules, then you will be invited into the WeChat group and enjoy your new semester with UIBE!

Hope to meet you soon in UIBE

Attachment 1 Guidelines of Online Registration for Internationa 2021

Attachment 2 Bank Information


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