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About us

TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language)certificate is internationally recognized, It is one of the universally recognized and accepted general English teacher certificates, and also one of the work permit qualifications standards introduced by China for foreign teachers.

Yuteng International Education over the years committed to the international exchange of education and human resources, actively construct platform for international cultural exchange of special talent, through the provision of professional practice and employment opportunity, Promote the introduction of international talents, establishing evaluation system, It is an authorized operating organization specializing in international training, examination, international certification and issuing of TEFL certificates. As the exclusive agency of TEFL certification in the field of vocational and higher education in Greater China, Yuteng International Education and University of International Business and Economics jointly set up the "TEFL in China" International English Qualification Training Course to officially recruit students.

Introduction of the course

TEFL in CHINA training program consists of 180 class hours

Chinese culture course: 60 classes

TEFL Training: 120 classes

Internship: Open-ended

A teaching team composed of examiners and trainers from University of International Business and Economics and Tefl VERSITY.Training courses, teaching materials and systematic English teaching guides are specially set up to meet the learning needs of China。On the basis of the above, combined with China's social characteristic, realizing the learning methods fall to the ground, add Chinese culture through learning content specific course content, in order to study + practice, the course content design, learning management and tracking internship practice link to achieve learning outcomes, practical application, and through the TEFL certification exams at the end of the course, TEFL certificate can be obtained and the University of International Business and Economics course certificate.


TEFL courses cover English communication, dialogue, listening, speaking, reading and writing, pinyin, grammar and overseas career guidance. Specific include:

Classroom teaching methods

Dialogue, pronunciation and communication

Listen, speak, read and write

Teachers preparetion and plan

Phonology and linguistics

Review the grammar

Communication method

Activity-based learning

Facilitate dynamic student/teacher interaction


Role change between teacher and student

• Video training and analytics

• Language acquisition of music, songs, and media

• Pedagogy research (positive attitude, humor)

• English for Special Purpose (courses and career options)

• Overseas teaching/work/travel information and advice

• Cultural differences

• Career guidance


Why do you need to study and get a TEFL certificate?

• Required certification as a professional English teacher

• Essential requirements for foreign teachers to apply for a work visa in China

• Requirements for higher teaching positions or international language test examiners

• TEFL is a research programme on professional teaching methods that is globally recognised

What is the content of the TEFL International Certificate of Teaching English?

• Teaching skills and methods, how to make your class lively, interesting and effective

• How to interact with students and keep them interested

• Comfortable and enjoyable to teach

• How to teach in groups in a foreign language

• How to apply for a job

Is TEFL IN China an internationally recognized program?

• Through the TEFL in China training courses, can obtain the international certification of TEFL qualification

• Professional English culture and education institutions that meets the qualifications  approval of the Commonwealth Higher Education Institutions

• TEFL certificate will fully improve your English teaching ability to meet international standards

• TEFL certificate is a world class professional certificate for teaching English

•TEFL certificate is an internationally recognized "green card" for English teacher qualifications

• TEFL certificate is recognized by more than 7,000 schools and institutions in more than 100 countries worldwide

• TEFL certificate can help you find a well-paid job and realize your dream of advancing your career

• TEFL certificate is regarded as an important criterion for teacher recruitment by many international educational institutions

What is the difference between TEFL and TESOL?

• In fact, the difference between TEFL and TESOL is small ; TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Do students have any tutoring support outside of their studies?

• All students have access to life coaching and management support

• Students who meet the criteria will be given the opportunity to work outside the school and study on a part-time basis

• Upon completion of the program, all graduates will have the opportunity to legally work in China


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