Chinese Confucius Institute Scholarship

Students applying for Master's degree in Chinese Language and Education may apply for the Confucius Institute Scholarship.


There are 10 Confucius Institute scholarships for applicants.

Reward criteria:

There are full scholarships and partial scholarships of The Confucius Institute Scholarship. Full scholarships include tuition, accommodation, living expenses and comprehensive medical insurance; partial scholarships include: tuition, accommodation and comprehensive medical insurance. The funding period is 2 years.

Application conditions:

Full scholarship applicants’ HSK score should reach level 5, 210 points. Partial scholarship applicants’ HSK score should reach level 5, 180 points. HSKK score reach intermediate level. Applicants who provide a notarized graduate job agreement would receive preference.

How to apply:

Login(, "receiving institutions" you will find "University of International Business and Economics," submission of application materials, complete the submission online, call: Fang Zheng,010-64493165, to register for the record. At the same time, pay attention to the application process, audit opinions and scholarship review results.Scholarship recipients should contact UIBE to confirm to go through the procedures for studying in China, printing certificate of scholarship online. Those who register on time would be provided with the Confucius Institute scholarship.



When Confucius Institute scholarship students graduate, they can apply for the position of Hanban  Confucius Institute local teacher .