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Special Anti-drug Information Session Hold for International Students


On June 18, 2019 at 2:00 pm, a special information session for international students from the University of International Business and Economics was held in the lecture hall on the second floor of the International Plaza. Gao Fei, the chief trainer of Beijing Anti-drug Education Management Center and Beijing Anti-drug Volunteer Team, gave a special presentation about "Staying away from drugs and living in the sun" to the international students of the university. Representatives of international students and program administrators attended the meeting.

In the presentation, trainer Gao Fei explained the categories and harms of drugs, the distribution of drug users and knowledge about prevention to the audience. He also introduced China's anti-drug laws and regulations, the consequences of using drug and drug trafficking to raise teachers and students anti-drug awareness.

International students become well-informed about related knowledge and regulations through this meeting, which is very necessary for foreign students to live a safe and healthy life in China.


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