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Notification of Returning to UIBE for International Students Currently in Mainland China


In view of the severe situation of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, most of our international students will keep taking online courses because they are unable to return to China in the fall semester of 2021. According to the unified arrangement of the university, international students currently in mainland China can apply to return to school. To ensure the returning work be conducted smoothly and orderly, consolidate the school’s epidemic prevention and control achievement and reduce the pressure on campus management and control caused by collective returning, the School of International Education hereby issues this notice and students who meet the conditions and plan to return can apply in accordance with the specific requirements listed here. Students can return to school according to the procedures upon approval.

I. Requirements for Returning

1. Applicants must be freshmen or current students who have been officially admitted in the academic degree programs of UIBE. (Non-degree programs will adopt online teaching for this whole semester and so applications from non-degree students are temporarily not accepted.)

2. Applicants must have stayed in low-risk areas in mainland China for at least 21 days (inclusive) and have no departure records and travel records in medium and high-risk areas within the past 21 days.

3.The applicant's current residence should be in low-risk areas. Applications from students living in high-risk areas are temporarily not accepted. Before applying to return to the school, international students in the middle-risk areas must take home medical observation outside campus for at least 14 days after they return to Beijing.

4. If students or their co-resident family members are diagnosed or suspected as COVID-19 carriers, close contacts of the confirmed cases or if they are tested positive in nucleic acid test, their applications for returning are temporarily not accepted.

5. International students who have fever, cough, diarrhea and other symptoms should not return to school for now. After the symptoms disappear, the applicants can submit a returning application.

6. International students in China must truthfully fill in the application form, sign a letter of commitment on the authenticity of travel trajectory in the past 14 days and strictly abiding by the school's epidemic prevention and control regulations after returning to school and submit it to the UIBE Epidemic Prevention and Control Committee for approval.

II. Application Procedures, Contact Information and Materials Needed

1. Please apply at least one week in advance. Applications whose returning date is less than one week from the application time will not be processed.

2. Truthfully fill in the UIBE Application Form for Returning to School of International Students in China During the Epidemic Prevention and Control Period (attachment 1)

3. Truthfully fill in the Student Personal Information Form (attachment 2)

4. Send the above two forms via e-mail to the following email address:

1) 2021 scholarship undergraduate freshmen who graduated from the CSC preparatory courses:

uibeyuke@163.com Tel: 010-64493416;

2) 2021 freshmen of other academic programs:

newdegreestudent@163.com Tel: 010-64493419;

3) Current students in degree programs:

Please submit the form to your program administrator.

5. After submitting the application materials, please wait for the confirmation. After getting the approval from UIBE, you must return to school strictly according to the written date on the application form.

III. Requirements for Staying on Campus

1. International students in low-risk areas must hold a health pass "green code" and a negative nucleic acid test report valid in 2 days to enter the school on the approved date of returning.

2. After returning to Beijing, international students from middle-risk areas must take 14 days of off-campus medical observation, hold the health pass "green code" and the certificate of negative nucleic acid test within 2 days to enter the school on the approved date of returning.

3. After entering the school, international students must strictly abide by the school’s regulations on epidemic prevention and control as they promised and abide by the principle of "not leaving school if unnecessary" and the rule of leave system.

Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation. UIBE wish you all a healthy, safe and happy semester!

                            School of International Education

                                      July 14th, 2021


Attachment 1:UIBE Application Form for Returning to School for International Students in China During the Epidemic Prevention and Control Period

Attachment 2Student Personal Information Form


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