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1.  According to the new Exit and Entry Administration Law, the visa for international student are X1 and X2.

2. Student  need to hold an ordinary passport to study in China. Foreigners who study for more than six months should apply for the X1 visa, and submit the admission notice and visa application form for foreign student  in China (JW202/JW201 form). Student  who study for less than 6 months can apply for X2 visa.

3.  Foreigners who come to China with X1 visa need to apply for the Residence Permit   within 30 days after their entry into China.

4.  For applying for residence permit, foreign students must go through the following procedures:

1Verification passport and visa;

2Student  should provide: Passport, visa application form provided by the school, admission notice, visa application form for study in China(JW202/ JW201) ,foreigners physical check form issued or verified by Beijing health and quarantine bureau, registration for temporary residence, and 2 pieces of photo( two-inch, white background) .

5.   X2 for short-term study visa:

1 For those who study in China for less than 6 months, there is no need for physical examination.

2 Foreigners holding X2 visa should apply for a visa to return to China before leaving. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to re-enter to China.

3 Application for a visa to return to China should be made 15 days before departure. The applicant should provide: the visa application form with the official seal of the university, passport and the registration for temporary residence.

4X2 visa is valid for a maximum of six months. 10 days before the expiration, the applicant can apply for extension with the "visa application form for foreigners" stamped with the official seal of the university.

6. After you get the visa, please pay attention to the validity of the visa and extend it within the validity period. If you have any questions about the visa, please consult the school teacher or the public security organ. Overstaying a visa is illegal, and offenders can be fined up to 500 Rmb a day, detained for review or deported.

7. If there is any change in visa related items such as current address and school’s information, the applicant should go to the public security organ to handle to change formalities in time.