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International Undergraduate Programs (IUP)


About the Programs (IUPs)

UIBE offers International Undergraduate Programs of study leading to bachelor degrees in Economics, Management, Law and Arts in several majors including Economics, International Trade, Finance, Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting and East Asian Studies (More majors will be offered as enrollment expands). These programs are designed to provide students with an opportunity to study general education courses and explore an academic field in depth.

The world around us is undergoing dramatic transformation. Scientific and technological innovations have reshaped our way of life and altered the mode of production processes. A global village is emerging. Distance and time barriers are collapsing with the advancing technologies in transportation and information systems. The growing worldwide integration has produced a whole series of consequences – economic, political, cross-cultural and environmental, which are related to every important sphere of our life. The rise of China is having a major impact on the balance of global economic and political power. The world is moving toward a multi-polar global century with collaboration and competition, rather than isolation, as its main feature. With an ever changing and complex global climate, it is the responsibility of educators to provide students with the necessary tools needed to face future challenges.

Built upon UIBE’s long tradition of producing global-ready graduates, the IUPs will provide international undergraduates with the same preparedness that current UIBE graduates possess. To meet arising global challenges, the IUPs will provide students with rich knowledge, high-level skills and responsibility and ability to integrate knowledge from their major fields and other disciplinary aspects to solve complex real world problems.



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